How to place screen protector without bubbles

Hi guys zaki is here and in this blog post I will tell you how to put on a screen cover on your phone so as you can see err you have a screen cover on phone and as you can see I didn’t do a good job at it I’ve got a whole bunch of bubbles and these guys aren’t coming out I mean I try to get them out and basically the reason why they’re there is because  here’s little pieces of dust stuck underneath the screen and it’s not going to come out with all the squeegee you know in the world so anyway I’m gonna apply another screen  over and this time we do it right showing you guys what I did wrong and that way you guys could avoid doing the same because obviously you don’t wanna be wasting money like I just did on this guy so anyway first things first do it in a dust free environment obviously.

I try to do that but even though I did there still does so the quicker it takes you  o actually put the screen cover on your phone the less likely there’s gonna be dust to go underneath the screen cover so try to get it right the first time because the more you  dry you know the more likely they’re going to be dust getting stuck underneath the screen and that those little air bubbles at least when we drive me crazy so I can imagine it’s going to have the same would happen to you anyway uh really try to scrape clean your screen like perfectly as you can see there’s pretty much nothing on my screen right now  o looks good I could see little like air or dust particles flying around with these lights that I have anyway here’s my screen cover and pull this guy out it’s your typical dry cover it’s not the wet apply ones I did a video on the channel if you guys want to check out how to do that so basically it’s pretty simple step one is peel this side off and that  his is just a little plastic covering you put it on the screen and then peel this other side off to make it permanent so anyway that is that I’m going to double check my screen to  make sure it’s still super clean and looks like it is.

I’m going to set it down nice and slowly so that way doesn’t like make any dust fly up on top of the screen so anyways go ahead  and do this so I’m going to pull off step number one simple enough and you know most of the screen covers are the dry ones are like this so now the mistake I made not  only with the dust thing but I try to put it on from that bottom up and the reason why you don’t really want do this is with the new phones especially with front-facing cameras  you have to make sure the screen cover aligns with that these little sensors right here you have to make sure they’re not covered otherwise we’re on a phone call there the  screen won’t turn off and your cheek will be dialing buttons and uh this is notification light doesn’t really matter if that’s covered but anyway.

I would recommend doing it from the bottom up so I’m going to put this guy like this so typically you go the other way but I think this way is better so anyway this is the way I’m going to do it  but this guy down now and I’m going to align it with the camera if I can and the camera is kind of covered by a little sticker but I’m gonna try to do it as well as I can with the  earpiece and then there are little sensors and the camera and of course I want it to be straight with the actual screen itself so that way it’s like going straight down and  everything is perfect so I’m going to align it as best as I can I think that’s pretty good it looks pretty good from here of course you can never really tell until you kind of put it  own and looks pretty good so anyway what you’re going to do is work your way up so.

I came with a little squeegee this brand of screen cover that I got and just kind of  squeegee your way up like this and just work your way up so anyway I’m working my way up slowly what not that slow of course like I said before you want to go kind of quick because if you don’t you risk for every second you’re risking more dust getting trapped underneath the screen so anyway I put it on hopefully it looks ok I’m going to kind of  squeegee out these air bubbles with this uh part on so that way I don’t actually scratch my actual screen cover because you know who wants screen cover a brand new one  hat’s already scratched up so I’m just going to go ahead and squeegee away for a little bit all right that’s good enough right now I’m gonna pull off this screen so you see it’s  ind of coming off I’m going to hold this part down and there you go and put it on you can see this time it looks a lot better got a few air bubbles here at the top I’m just going  o kind of squeeze you away like I said.

Now this screen cover comes a little like protective layering so I got that off right there you can see that had a little detective layering for  he sensors and that’s kind of annoying we’ve got to try to get that out it’s going to flip it up a little try to dig those guys out from underneath the screen cover there you go and  h looks a lot better I mean you guys be the judge I mean looks a lot better than the one I showed you the beginning of the video and my screens are now going to be protected and see how it looks see the screen cover doesn’t even mess with it I got the ultra clear one so that way it doesn’t you know mess up the screen clear clarity obviously you’re  setting a screen cover because you want to protect the screen and you know on a Samsung Galaxy s3 which is the one I’m using here why wouldn’t you want the super clear  move anyway that’s it from me in this video hopefully you know this gives you a little bit of pointers as to how to do it um so that way you could avoid um trust me try to do  with  his method because if you tried another method you might not line up the camera perfectly and then the front-facing camera would be covered in this case it’s perfectly revealed same as the sensors and you want to worry about anything down the line you want to try to take it off and put it back on because I pretty much guarantee you as soon as  ou do that you’re probably going to get dust underneath the screen but that’s it for me in this video found it helpful please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel for  ore videos like this and other reviews and comparisons thank you for watching.

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