I Phone 11 Pro

Diagnostic is Free for All Devices

Charging Port

£ 60


Back Glass

Front Camera

£ 55



£ 60



£ 60



£ 150


Back Camera

£ 70



Most Common Issues in Mobiles Phones

These are some most common Issues in any mobile phone. Our team of experts, diagnose all issues and try to fix it in lab. We prefer to repair the faulted parts first. Replacement of the parts always last option chosen by us.

Water Damage

We received most number of mobiles for repairing purpose which are damaged due to water. We provide the best services to reduce the damage parts due to moisture. Water Damage 80%

Screen Damage

Huge number of phones are repaired which are damaged due to fallen. We replace the original screen as well as first copy of it as required by the customer. Screen Damage 70%

Camera Issue

We have repaired limited number of phones with camera broken issue. If you bring it with you to fix this camera issue, it will take only 1 to 2 hours and we will provide our service on same day. Camera Issue 18%

Touch Panel Issue

Broken or not working issue of touch panel is also one of the common faults. It could be hardware or software problem but we fix it one the same day with in 60 minutes. Touch Panel Issue 45%

Battery Issue

We provide the original batteries with company warranty claim and replace it with in half an hour if you visit after taking online appointment. Battery Issue 65%

Back Panel Issue

We found several cases in which we receive inquiries about the back panel issues. Our experts can replace it with in 2 to 3 hours with 100 % surety. Back Panel Issue 20%

Volume Key Issue

We have repaired few number of phones with volume key issues and replaced (if needed) with the original ones. Volume Key Issue 15%

Software Issue

We also fix the software issues of your mobiles which are common. Software Issue 60%
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